Featured YouTube Videos

National Honey Show -Outstanding presentations by Juliana Rangel, Michael Palmer, and Jamie Ellis

A Year in the Life of an Apiary. We have used this video in our Beeginers Beekeeping Class.

Bee Happy. An Explore Ada presentation featuring our own Ernie Staggs.


Featured Websites

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Oklahoma Beekeepers Assoc

American Beekeeping Federation






 Oklahoma Apiary Act

Oklahoma Apiary Registration Formton

Oklahoma Honey Sales Act

Map of Oklahoma Counties

with Africanized Bees



 American Bee Journal

The Hive and Honey Bee, Langstroth, 1909

Bee Culture Magazine

Tools for Effective Varroa Management

EPA Oxylic Acid Label as miticide

Instructional Websites

Michael Bush's Website: The Practicle Beekeeper

Scientific Beekeeping: Randy Oliver applies the scientific method to his experiments with honey bees.